Top 10 Dystopian Novels

These are our MUST read  10 BEST DYSTOPIAN NOVELS , under our opinion

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Top 10 Dystopian novels


Dystopia is commonly defined as form of society in which misery and all the other related sorrows exist. According to dystopian theory the utopian world is far away from practicality and involves horrific consequences. The top 10 dystopian novels ever written are as follows:

10. William Golding’s Lord of the Flies  

Lord Of the files

This particular novel is commonly underrated primarily because of the critics arguing as to whether it is a dystopian novel or not. It outlines a few little boys stranded in a desolate island. Eventually the boys break all the shackles of imprisonment and foray into new avenues of life.  The tale stands a strong argumentative work for anarchy work. It portrays the general psychology of the young people and is considered to be well within the domains of dystopia by the critics.

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9. Margaret Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale

handmaids tale

The story is narrated by a character called Offred who plays the role of a household maid. The story belongs to a time period when the human population was struggling to grow and the fertile women were considered to be breeding machines. The stagnant population was chiefly because of the consequences of the nuclear war. The then society was very theocratic. The anti-religion stand points of the plot makes the novel content much debated about. The logical flow of the story often frightens its audience.

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8. William Gibson’s Neuromancer


The novel entails a future dystopian society. It was awarded the ‘triple crown’ award. It is about a software hacker who gets hired for the purpose. His hacking abilities are much complimented about considering the technological applications in that time. The novel is regarded as the most influential among its other contemporaries.

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7. Jack London’s Iron Heel

iron heel

This fabulous tale is about a tyrannical professional based in the United States who comes into limelight soon after the advent of the corporate work ethic. The professionalism of the person is influenced by the contemporary social politics. The novel is certainly much ahead of its time.

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6. Richard Bachman’s The Running Man


It encircles around the fearful future of human life where even the ‘winners’ can be losers. The depiction of The Long Walk’s story in a movie is within itself a great honour.

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5. Terry Brooks’ Armageddon’s Children


It is about a group of street kids battling the circumstances of life all around the streets of Seattle. The story abridges the gap between the contemporary time and the post-apocalyptic period.

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4. John Windham’s The Chrysalids


It tells about the post nuclear period. The increasing competition within the society hammers the best out of everyone. Anybody who ceases to be perfect is executed straightaway by the state government.

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3. PD James’ Children of Men

Children of men

It is another tale that stresses on the importance of population growth. The reduction in fertility of the males causes the human race to be almost near extinction. The governments are more concerned to maintain peace all around.

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2. HG Wells’ Time Machine


The novel features a time traveller who designs an instrument to travel into the future. Apparently it deals with a happy society that is intrigued by certain evils.

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1. George Orwell’s 1984


It is a science fiction novel that has a political outlook to the contemporary world of fascism. It also says much about the government’s role in manipulating the truth before presenting social news to the public.

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