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Watchmen” certainly nudged the comics industry in the right direction towards greater sophistication and intelligence, although a full appreciation of its significance is always going to be lost on the bean counters » Read more


If you’re searching for something with a positive message, keep away from “Wanted.” If you need a story where you concur with the activities of the hero, stay far from “Wanted.” » Read more

V for Vendetta

That is, until a stylish terrorist in a Guy Fawkes mask codenamed “V” appears on the scene to tear the new order down » Read more

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

There is more story here than what’s in the content, this is a comic book- » Read more

Not A Drop to Drink

The stark, secluded, actuality of her planet, while never a heaven, advances into what is perhaps a confident future » Read more

The 100

I loved the story-line, I preferred discovering what was occurring, and I loved studying about their sentiments » Read more


This is a young lady who has carried on with an exceptionally protected life behind the wellbeing of the divider, dealt with by her father » Read more


Synthetic filled. Simply touching it might be hurtful however the characters are at its benevolence since it is the best way to get to their end. » Read more


For the teens – Steelheart is basically a comic book in written form. There’s fights, superpowers, puppy-love crushes, and explosions » Read more

Under The Dome

The exacerbating environment inside the vault could be a picture of environmental change » Read more

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