The Time Machine

The Time Machine was an absolutely outstanding book.

From all the other reviews of this book, my thought tend to differ. I believe that H.G. Wells not just decided to write this book solely serving entertainment purposes. I believe H.G. Wells seemed to be criticizing his social society and his ideas of the injustices of his day.

When Wells grew up, society was strictly divided in two. There was the rich and then there were the poor. It boiled down to  the rich kept getting richer and  the poor kept becoming poorer. The society lived by Social Darwinism. Seeing how Wells was a writer his social status tended to shift from rich to poor.

In other words he got a flavor of the way it had been to live from the eyes of the rich and of the poor. just obviously, not simultaneously. Wells, took his changing social status and decided to accept it towards the extreme. If the rich kept getting richer, they might simply want to live increasingly more simple lives which may eventually lead to the lives of the Eloi. The Eloi were frail people. If ever the rich people found a way to live on their Heaven on Earth they might eventually become frail and helpless… if you do not use it you lose it.

The rich wouldn’t need to work and so they could play and relax all day long. The indigent however would become forced to live lives similar to that of the warlocks. According to just an everyday stereotypical view, out of sight, out of mind. If ever the poor lived underground the rich could easily ignore them and continue to live their trouble-free lives. If ever the poor lived underground, they would be forced learn how to connect with their living environments… such as the long fingers intended for climbing. The warlocks/ the poor people are expected to turn cannibalistic regarding the rich/Eloi simply because they do not have any other food to consume.

It could also function as an act of revenge, not the eating, but the killing. I do believe that Wells did an admirable job supporting his comparison on where the world was headed. He even goes to the extreme and explains the end of the world where there is completely nothing in existence.


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