The Running Man

I read several Stephen King books before attempting this particular one. No, it had not been long like ‘The Stand’ or ‘Bag of Bones’, and in fact, it is certainly one of his shorter books, approximately 300 pages long. But I saw the film, and, well, I hated it. I believed it was terrible, really, and somehow I thought the novel might be the same. I realize that books are nearly always better, but come on! How could a film go so astray from the book? It seemed to happen here.

First, the novel is broken into 100 chapters, and also at 300 pages for that book, each chapter is only about 3 pages long. I think the longest is 5, which means you breeze straight through it in less than a day if you try. The action is non-stop, the plot is excellent, and you’re simply hoping that Ben Richards survives once you close it again. However, with such an excellent plot and ideas, this book really should have been longer. LONGER?! Yes, I understand, I never thought I would desire a Stephen King book to get longer, but this one should have…I just hated to see it end.

Since reading it, I have borrowed the novel to some friends, and they all adore it, too. (Much for the same reasons!) There are no monsters or spirits in this book, but a person fighting for survival in the future. Along with CBS’s ‘Survivor’ and ABC’s ‘The Mole’ now airing on TV, it looks like the world may soon reach ‘The Running Man’. That’s what makes this book so scary; it’s just too real for words. So if you are searching for a quick read–like for any roadtrip or a plane flight–or just for your own personal enjoyment, grab this particular one. However, if you are considering something to acquire completely involved with for the following3 months, think about adifferent title. You’ll love the characters, but it might not be good enough for a few people


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