The Iron Heel

Within the Iron Heel London lays out something right in step with reality, past present and almost certainly the future. Jack London was a guy which had hobnobbed and interacted with the well to do (he was even a member of Bohemian Grove) but he previously also seen the hard side of life, working on fishing boats and in various brutal exploitive labor jobs, doing time in jail, etc. So he’d an insight that not most people do not have.

In this work he really lays out through fictional characters how many segments of society which claim to represent the downtrodden are bought and owned by the exploitive “oligarchs”, particularly the Christian church, the fantasy world of academia, and the crooked labor unions who often sell out the workers.
Also your hypocritical well to do armchair liberals that like to pat themselves on the spine for any charitable deed, and also (often unwittingly) have blood on their hands and almost always embrace and support the system whenever they feel their comfortable lifestyle may be threatened or they may have to generate a stand.

Also, he shows how the big Capitalists destroy small and mid level business operators, how they run smear campaigns throughout the media against anybody within the system that speaks out against them, and also the out and out brutality that they use against people that resist them. Its pretty simple to find multitudes of real examples of all these things, whether 100 years ago or in the here and now.

In terms of what sort of revolutionary struggle is portrayed within the Iron Heel you will find elements to it that I could see going down if a underground movement to topple the current oligarchs ever occured but there’s also elements that I could not see working as well as happening in a million years. Besides that at this stage over time I don’t think you can find enough people out there with all the fighting spirit or intelligence to discover how they are screwed over by the system for almost any mass movement of resistance. Simply just so long as people can stuff their face with fast food, watch television, play video games, take mind control drugs like prozac, etc, the new world order does not have much to bother with.

One thing London doesn’t do well within the Iron Heel is differentiate relating to the Oligarch controlled Orwellian branch of international socialism and national, localized or dare I say it, racial socialism, which the later three were a lot more what London was in tune to, not the globalist kind of Fabian Socialism that people like H.G Wells promoted

the heel

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