Armageddon's Children

Once i heard a year ago that Terry Brooks could be writing a book that would bridge the visible difference between Word & Void and Shannara, I was excited. I had always known that the Four Lands was somehow associated with our society. Now, with publication of Armageddon’s Children, that story begins.
As well as what a layered and dramatic story that may be. This book in itself is really a first step but also seems to be two books available as one.

We begin by meeting Logan Tom, a Knight of the Word, who is trying to survive in a world destroyed by the humans who reside on it. Unlike Knights of old, Logan dreams of the horrifying past rather than a bleak future. I like how Terry writes through Logan that the future is uncertain so there isn’t reason to think of it anymore. However i have a very sneaking suspicion that Logan (if he survives) will be dreaming of the future again before this the trilogy is over.
We first see him taking down once-men (humans turned by demons) within the slave camps. He is then given a mission from the Lady through Two Bears (of Word & Void). He learns of Nest Freemark as well as the Gypsy Morph, which he he is required to find and protect.

We jump towards second parallel story within the wasteland that is the U.S. We meet Hawk and his fellow Ghosts. They may be a tribe of children that live around the streets of Seattle. We discover their struggles knowning that Hawk has visions of an better place. Some suspense follows, as indications of something terrible coming out of hiding are located across the city.

Next, we meet with the elves, which are in hiding ever since the humans took over as the dominant species. We once again see the lifetime of a Chosen (Elfstones of Shannara) and just how they protect the Ellcrys. Kirisin, one of many chosen is spoken to from the tree and is told to fin the Loden and transport her to safety with it. This leads us to meet Angel Perez in L . a .. She actually is a Knight of the Word also. During her story we’re brought to Findo Gask who’s a ruthless and evil as ever and his awesome new partner Delloreen, who’s become something else entirely. Angel is eventually required to find and aid the elves.

This all leads around the revealing of the identity of the Gypsy Morph along with a battle between Angel and Delloreen. The novel comes with a wicked cliffhanger which leads me wanting more. At times the blending of these two different worlds seems forced but all and all the novel was good and held my attention.




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