This is the ‘textbook’ of today’s Democratic party underneath thespotlight, where they declare the ‘days of peace’within theprevious Administration, when in fact we had beenengaged in far more conflictsaround the worldthan we are today as revealedin therecent report from a University of British Columbia research group. To Democrats, lies are truth and truth are lies. Conclusion: “War is Peace”.The premise that “Freedom is Slavery” is paramount in the way the Democrats portray their ideology as one that will ensure greater freedom, while in fact their self serving indicates to demand more and even more dependency upon Government and demonizing independence is contrary to achieving the American dream. This ‘entitlement’ mentality underscores the results for this practice because it serves to remove incentive so we can all live in some socialist ‘utopia’; a contradiction at that. If anyone registers to the previous adage of “money is power”, then one would have to wonder if the Democrats are always finding methods toincrease taxes, rules and regulations that expands the actual control by governmentinstead ofpeople, it ought tobecome very apparent as to their ‘doublespeak’ rhetoric when they denounce economic growth policies such as ‘tax cuts’ by taking that ‘money’, i.e. power from the people.“Ignorance is Strength”;is actually a platform of conformity which has displayed profound and destructive is a result of our failing educational system where students tend to be more proficient with condom usage and having ‘great self esteem’ without any real defined successes, yet are deficient around the basics that lay the foundations for achievement in real life, reading, writing and arithmetic.George Orwell

laid out a myriad of ‘totalitarian’ truths that have been played out in parts in the background of Communist and in a lower part Socialist led nations to the enslavement of it’s citizens. These actions are continually expanded by today’s Democrats once they use their ever divisive nature to separate out ‘new’ groups to exploit and demand special rights or status thus fulfilling their ‘divide and conquer’ goals. For what benefit does it serve to a nation when a group sets over to ‘hyphenate’ Americans by ethnicity, classor simply gender and to a greater extent a ‘melting pot’ nation speaking one language, english, but rather an ever increasing unintelligible nation along with the expansion of ‘multi’ language groups within that one nation other than to split eventually?

This should be required reading along with our Constitution for everyone so that they can get a picture of where this nation goes if left with the Democrats insatiable desire to have power ‘over’ the people, rather than ‘to’ the people. Self determination; or slavery; you must decide.

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