V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta


Comic books have always lagged behind when it came to be taken seriously by the literary medium. People just thought that comics were set to target preadolscent boys. That notion,of course, is wrong. Most people who buy their comics from specialty bookshops are in their mid 20s. You can even see some 30 something guys and those hardcore readers who saw it from the beginning in their 40s. During the 80s creators like Alan Moore and Frank Miller sought to change all that by writing masterpieces that were thought-provoking as much as they were entertaining. It is during that time, that works like the Dark Knight Returns set the pace and Moore’s independent work such as From Hell and DC’s Watchmen and V for Vendetta came forward. The serious cynical look of the world was forever changed by these two authors and it didn’t help that they were British to boot.

V for Vendetta written woderfully by Moore and captured in all its glory by the dark art of David Lloyd is an example of such breakthrough work that pit graphic novels and comics into the mainstream. The piece was disturbing enoght for people everywhere and those in the media to realiaze that comics are not just where the hero turns gree or flies while bending steel with his bare hands. The main premise of the novel depicts a war ravaged Europe where freedom is lost and the individual is lost in a jungle of tatlitarian power. Moore creates believable characters and the way they all entertwine with each other just adds up to the flavor of the book. V is the protagonist. He’s no one and yet he’s everyone. He’s the voice of the people whether the people want a voice or not. He’s not here to persuade anyone, just show them what years of totalitarian conditioning could do to a person.

Through it all, you are swept away by Moore’s intellectual dialogue and his political view which leans more to that of anarchy. In the end, the format of this literary piece doesn’t impede on the story’s progress, but enhances it. Moore and Lloyd create something that will sure make you want to think about teh world you are living now and how that life might change with a press of a button.


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