The 100

The 100


 I move toward viewing The 100 when it debuts on The CW this fall. I’m energized for it. I watch a considerable measure of broadcast events and this is another to add to the agenda. Along these lines, when I found the opportunity to read this novel I hopped on it. I additionally knew whether I didn’t read it after the show, I never might get around to it.

We are acquainted with a couple of distinctive youngsters who have gotten into an inconvenience and are existing in a sort of detainment office yet its not on earth! Earth has been appalling for numerous years however the individuals in control need to know whether its protected to do it once more. In this way, who preferred to send over a bundle of youngsters that no one truly thinks about and are sentenced to perish soon in any case.

A pack of youngsters are sent to live on Earth. They aren’t sent with much, only a couple of fundamental supplies. The 100 takes after the lives of four distinctive individuals. There are a ton of other individuals tossed all through the novel however it fundamentally centers from four individuals perspective.

Genuinely, that was the mistaking part for me. I had inconvenience stay informed concerning who was who, and their backstory. The composition style is so straightforward and pleasant, its a fast read. In any case the viewpoints through me for a circle. They generally do. In the event that it includes more than two, than I as a rule get befuddled. haha.

I did like perusing from every point of view and after a while I wasn’t as befuddled. I loved the story-line, I preferred discovering what was occurring, and I loved studying about their sentiments. That was the best thing about this one. We truly get to feel what they are feeling. We see things from their perspectives, and even to a degree comprehend why they perpetrated the wrongdoings they did. This time, I didn’t generally have a top choice character. When I completed, I was into all their story-lines.

I preferred this one enough to watch the show. What’s more I will. Also I will be perusing any fate books simultaneously just to see what happens.

Generally: I preferred this one. I delighted in it, and it was a quick read. I didn’t fall totally enamored with it. I’m trusting possibly the show I will. I’d say this may be to a greater degree a 3.5 for me however I still enjoyed it a little more than like I assume. Frequently I suppose I may as well have half cupcakes, however who needs to consume half a cupcake, correct? That wouldn’t be extremely fun!


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