The Hunger games, Mockingjay

The Hunger games, Mockingjay



The Hunger Games Trilogy has utterly captivated me. Since I read the first page of the first book I have been hooked. The end was no dissapointment, and exceeded my expectations which were already high.

Mockingjay is brilliantly written. And has captured what the other two have as well, a sense of reality. We do not have the technology they have or their government, but the sheer cruelty in the books is all to real. Collins writes masterfully, the insight into Katniss’ head makes you feel as if you are right there in the battle with her. The Games are still present in this book though not in the way they were in the other two.

It is not a happy fairy tale story, and it never has been. The Hunger Games is gritty and all-too frightening because it shows a glimpse of what we could be and are becoming. All of my questions were answered. The Peeta-Gale issue is resolved. I truly felt sorry for Katniss and everything she has gone through.

The book is full of action. Collins takes us from a bloddy arena in the previous books to a war-zone. She gives us the complexities of human nature, and shows that not everything is black and white. The good guys can make terrible choices and not all the bad guys are completely heartless. The Gale and Peeta dilema is heartbreaking and at times it seems impossible for Katniss to have either.

I admire Susanne Collins for not wrapping up everything in a pretty little bow. It is what makes this book, this series, so powerful. In life not everyone gets a happy ending. Not every boy gets the girl. Not everyone survives in a war. In short Mockingjay is heartbreaking and terrifying, a book that makes you want to fight for a cause and curl up in a ball and cry. And I would recomend reading it every single time. This series will always be one of my favorites



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