Brave New World

Brave New World


As reviewer and top of the line writer Neil Postman brings up so well in the prologue to his book “Amusing Ourselves To Death”, we have saluted ourselves rashly by figuring we made it past the totalitarian bad dream state portrayed in George Orwell’s grasping cautionary story “1984″. Maybe, Postman prescribes, we might as well recollect an alternate visionary totalitarian bad dream situation and utilize it to discriminatingly look at the contemporary state of social and mental well-being. Obviously he was alluding to Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World, composed before Orwell’s by 15 or somewhere in the vicinity years, and significantly additionally unnerving in its own particular path on the planet it portrays. An ever increasing amount, that alarming vision resembles our contemporary planet.

Picture his humorous representation of a people doped into Nirvana on “soma” (read Prozac and Zoloft), secluded and occupied by negligible distractions in heedless paltry chases (read movie recreations and web surfing to all the porno locales), negligent of anything not straight relating to themselves and completely ignorant of the degree to which they are, no doubt socially, monetarily, and politically co-selected. Starting to sound more recognizable? Recall, says Huxley, beast energy is not the main technique a government can use to impact, administer, and at long last control our hard-won opportunities and freedoms; it might be finished with over-liberality and the think preparation and proclamation of lack of care through self-retention, besides.

Indeed, Huxley says (circa 1960, very nearly 30 years after the definitive distribution) in the prelude of the reexamined form of the book that he is frightened with reference to how rapidly the kind of occasions he figured may take a hundred years, for example the presence of political internationalism and transnational corporate elements are now going out and starting to control more of the substance of our social, budgetary, and political lives. Exactly how much do we know other than what we hear and see on TV, for instance? Yet the electronic media is claimed and supervised by transnational partnerships. Ever ask why we never heard much muckraking news scope of the NAFTA or GATT bargains in spite of the fact that numerous recogized the two bills would drastically change the way of universal exchange? Maybe the transnationals didn’t need an excess of buildup or object. Beginning to feel uncomfortable yet? Still, individuals continue demanding this was only an unpredictable work of fiction, that it was an anecdote, that he truly wasn’t not kidding.

Need to figure out additional? Read this book, however do so gradually, taking notes, distinguishing what number of contemporary parallels there are to each of the “unusual portions” he rouses, and after that decipher in your own personality how extremely close he was to anticipating exactly how far we have come around the “Brave New World” in which everybody’s soul and consciousness is available to be purchased. The children are wowed by the later motion picture The Matrix”, yet few acknowledge exactly how much of a mythical presence we are as of now living in. No agony, no distress, no inconvenience of any sort. Rather, we have our singular and aggregate awareness “administered” pharmaceutically; our minds moved into blithering rapture with “soma”, our decreasing consideration compasses derailed possessed by insignificant redirections and interminable amusements. Pass me the corndogs, nectar!

Yet, hey! Don’t touch that dial; Regis is on! They might retry OJ! What did Bill Clinton truly do with that smoke? Have you seen the most recent news about the share trading system? Did you get any of that new brewskie they’re publicizing? it should make me a true women man….what’s the most recent device? Can I purchase one on-line? Coincidentally, where are the children? Hellfire, it doesn’t mind, only turn up the volume; I suppose I know the response to that doubt Regis recently asked… In the interim, people, our familiarity with what is going ahead around us, our rights and our freedoms are continuously power-washed away, crushed, and we can’t even see it occurrence before us. We are redirected, occupied, content in our own small planets. So welcome to our bad dream. Better beware; it only looks like Nirvana. It’s truly an alternate “Brave New World”.



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