I am a huge fan of the Twilight series, I believe that these are the best books ever written (except “classics,” though these are generally classics in a way). I was extremely concerned about this book – scared that she would not be able to surpass what she has already written. I was also excited in order to meet a brand new cast of characters – and excitement won out.

I suppose the only one who is able to top the Twilight series is the author who wrote them. (I’m sure this book is just as good, if not better [ Twilight fans don’t be mad).Wanderer

may be the kindest, sweetest person that I believe I have ever run across in literature – more self sacraficing than many could be; emotionally and mentally strong. So unwilling to hurt others that she is continually the one that is hurt. She would rather take the blows for other people – an inhuman strength that may come from not really being human.While she was

the type which i loved probably the most, there are other characters to admire here. Mel is physically strong, she’s tough physically and emotionally able to protect herself. (Well, not physically exactly, since Wanderer has power over her body). she is the one that if a reader objectively thinks about it, they are fully aware they would act like. or would hope that they would act like, in the same situation.

The description and character developement is stunning in SM’s new work. This work is a stunning book. It is easy to imagine that it is not really sci-fi, that this is actually happening. While readers might have wished to walk into the world of Twilight and meet the Cullens, me included, a reader wouldn’t want to step into the world of The Host. However, I would still LOVE to meet with the characters that have grown so close to me in such a short amount of time, closer still each time I do think about the story. Wanderer, Melanie, Ian, Jared, Jamie – and avoid some decidedly nasty characters.this book

is actually a little bit deeper than Twilight, on an intellectual level. While some may get mad (but do not!) Bella only has to manage problems that concern herself and her family. Wanderer is forced to deal with stuff that not just concern those whom she loves, but those who she fears and even perhaps hates. She’s got to determine to do the good thing for everybody, not only those that are near and dear to her.Please

read through this book. Yes, I’m speaking to you. It will entertain you, it will tell a BRILLIANT story, and it will make you think. Not in an annoying, in the face kind of way, but subtly, and in a way that is likely to make each and everybody of us better. and that is what this story is all aboutit’s about humanity from the point of view of somebody who isn’t, and it is about what being human means, and it is not always based on what species a character is.



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